Client: Jandaia
Illustrator: Grazi Barth
Lettering artist: Grazi Barth
Art Director: Heloisa Gripa

Real photos of the notebooks created for Jandaia
The Wild Animals collection features 4 covers with striking colors and a glamorous style, highlighting the natural beauty of the animals and plants portrayed. All illustrations were created exclusively for Jandaia and painted digitally in photoshop.
They were all printed with localized hotstamping, which were created in vector.


This cove presents a wild dream in which a beatiful jaguar is among abstract flowers and a art deco inspired border. The personalized lettering and the stars were printed in golden hotstamping, giving a unique glamurous vibe to this cover.
Wild Child notebook cover, created by Grazi Barth for Jandaia. 

The process involved detailed composition and color testing, with each stage reviewed and approved by Jandaia's internal committee. Below you can see the approved sketch and the final art.


This cover, bold in its color combinations, featured hot stamping in metallic pink contrasting with the blue background. All the details were painted in order to maintain the characteristics of a traditional painting, with evident brushstrokes, but still done entirely in photoshop.
Wild, free, savage cover created by Grazi Barth for Jandaia

Sketch versus final art


To create a modern vibe with tile painted with fun, colofull, wild animals, we selected 7 species that were painted in detail for each tile. Additionally, each frame has its own charm and fun details. This cover was printed with a metallic pink hotstamping, creating a joyfull combination.
Animal Tiles cover created by Grazi Barth for Jandaia

Below you can see in more details the animals painted.

Sketch versus final art


In this fun and humorous cover, I created a couple of elephants that illustrate a match packaging (get it?) with realistic style so that you have to look twice at the notebook to be sure it is not a huge matches box. 
This cover was printed with gorgeous gold hotstamping.
Perfect match cover created by Grazi Barth for Jandaia

Sketch versus final art
Real product photo - Jandaia notebook, cover created by Grazi Barth

Stickers sheet
Final product photo - Jandaia Wild Animals Notebook collection

Thank you for being here! Let me know what to think of it and lets talk about your ideias!

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