Tropicana depicts the lush beauty of tropical nature, exuberant colors and striking forms of tropical flowers and birds. 

The illustration features a variety of blooming flowers, each one rendered with a bold and vivid color palette that perfectly captures the vibrancy of the natural world. Two toucans are also prominently featured in the scene, their colorful beaks and feathers standing out against the lush green foliage. 
I like to create painting texture to add depth and dimension, creating a organic movement to make the viewer dive into the scene. 

Tropicana is a stunning tribute to the beauty and diversity of tropical nature and a celebration of the unique and wonderful creatures that call it home.

Illustration by: Grazi Barth
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For social media, the composition was adjusted to a square shape and an incredible animation  was made by Saff Studio @saffstudioart
In the image you see a Toco-Toucan (orange beak), a Killed-Billed Toucan (green beak). Flowers are: Heliconia, bromeliads, bird of paradise. Foliage are: Alocasias and Heliconia leafs.

Speed painting of part of the composition, crafted in adobe photoshop by Grazi Barth
Speed painting of elements of the final composition, crafted in Adobe Photoshop, by Grazi Barth

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