"Women in flowers" explores a vivid and modern style for botanical illustration, enhancing the beauty and joy of flowers and women. 
The palette of pinks and oranges selected, create a bright and inspirational atmosphere.
This project contains several compositions to demonstrate the abundance of applications possible for an advertising campaign for cosmetics and beauty products.
These are digital painting, simulating pastels chalk made in Adobe Photoshop.
This project was developed under the mentorship of Ricardo Riamonde and Luciano Komorizono, to whom I am trully gratefull. I dedicate these beautiful art to them.  
Animation developed by Marco Souza aimed to express the feeling and sensations of summer. Watch it with sound on to feel it!

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Illustration: Grazi Barth -  grazib.studio@gmail.com - follow me
Animation: Marco Souza - design.marcosouza@gmail.com - follow me

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